My Story

Hi There,

My name is Stephanie and I love to bake. I’m always searching for the perfect recipe, so come join me on my kitchen adventures (and mishaps!).

Thanks for stopping by!



23 thoughts on “My Story

  1. Stephanie;
    Yes, you have taken right decision; because, blog post can be written later on also; and it is our part time, fun, non-professional activity; but exams of study (AND LIFE) needs more attention; so, we must priorities it first.
    In fact; I am much more eager than you; to see that; you successfully go through in this exams and overall exams of life!
    I wish, my dear friend, Stephanie Tania, when complete this exams with distinction or higher grade, first of all, she will inform me!
    Eagerly awaiting for mega-party, till today, not a single time, you have given me any reason to lose my faith in your amazing abilities and tremendous talents.
    This time also; my faith will remain in tact.

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  2. Stehanie;
    It is always pleasant experience to visit your blog.I think with new image Miss StepahnieTania seems more determined, in fact, eyes speaks more than written words.!
    Wishing you all the best and hope life must be going well.

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  3. Frankly speaking,
    I don’t share your passion of backing but surely
    “working for a cause, and everything that makes a life worth living. For me life and happiness is all about the simple things”
    This is the area where I am sharing my passion with you.
    A motto that I strongly believe in: Sharing is caring.
    Yes, you are absolutely right ‘Sharing is caring’
    So, let us share our knowledge, our experience, our success, our failures, our passion, our hobby by commenting in each others blog.


      1. Hi, Stephanie;
        First of all thanks for following my blog!
        Stephanie, you are most welcome!
        It is my pleasure to welcome such a simple, sweet, straightforward person; who is creative yet caring, philosopher yet friendly, mature by mind yet tender by age…
        Yes, Stephanie, I do understand, how much It is satisfying to be in the company of like minded souls!
        In fact, like you, I too always in search of like minded souls!
        So, it is my open invitation to all !!!!

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