Happy New Year! — New York Trip — p.s. 1st Anniversary of Sugar and Spice


Hello Everyone,

Happy New Year! I hope that you had a wonderful 2014. As I’m writing this, I can already hear the boom of the fireworks going off. I just remembered that this month marks the first anniversary of Sugar and Spice — yay!

Yesterday I took a day trip with several of my friends to the Big Apple because we have planned this trip for about two years now, so it was time we finally put our plan into effect. Several places we visited are the Conservatory Garden in Central Park, the Metropolitan Museum of Art, Times Square, Nintendo World, Chinatown, and Little Italy.


The first place we visited was the Conservatory Garden. I expected it to be like a greenhouse type place with lush, green plants everywhere but, when we got there the actual place itself looked bleak. Then again, it’s the middle of winter. From there, we walked to the Met. For those of you who has never been to New York and would like to visit the Met, admission is pay-what-you-wish, so you could pay as little as $1.

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After walking through the galleries at the Met, we got chicken kabobs from the vendors that were outside the museum. After biting into the first part of the meat, we found that parts of the chicken were uncooked! In my case, only the top part was fully cooked, while the bottom was visibly raw. I understand that things are very pricey in New York, but for $8 a stick of uncooked meat, this is a rip off!

Later on we went to Chinatown and lunched at Wonton Noodle Garden, which was a gem. We ordered wonton soup, congee with sliced chicken, fried wings, and this rice cake type of appetizer that had peanut sauce over it; all of the dishes we ordered were delicious. If you love a good Chinese food with good price, you should definitely give this place a try. For dessert, we headed to the Chinatown Ice Cream Factory, where we discovered an abundant of exotic ice cream flavors, such as taro, lychee, pandan, red bean, green tea, almond cookie, black sesame, etc. And YES, you must absolutely head to this place next time are in New York! The only downside to this place was that it was a bit cramped and there wasn’t much space to move around and browse the different flavors.

Next on our list was Little Italy and of course, the first thing I spot is a bakery. The smell of fresh baked goods is enough to lure anyone! I couldn’t help myself going in to La Bella Ferrara bakery for some Italian pastries and desserts. I love how they have mini versions of the regular sized pastries so that you can sample without paying much if you ended up not liking it (but how could you end up not liking it?!). If you love Italian pastries as much as I do and want to try selections from this bakery, I recommend the mini baba rum with vanilla custard cream and the mini cannolis.

Before heading back home, we decided to have dinner at Schnipper’s. My friend, Jenny, got the Bacon Cheeseburger and I got the Cheeseburger with cheese fries. These burgers were hands down the most mouthwatering and delicious burgers I have ever eaten! All of the vegetables and toppings were fresh and they deliver the food to you, while you sit down with your table locator. Before Schnipper’s, I would only eat burgers from Shake Shack, but not anymore!


That was the gist of my New York trip, friends. I hope that you have a wonderful new year and I hope that you enjoyed reading this post as much as I loved writing about it for you. But before I go…


I would like to thank YOU, dear readers, for reading my blog and for your support. I also want to thank you my special person ( ❤ ❤ <3) for always motivating me and encouraging me to follow my dreams and keep baking, and to keep writing on my blog. You are truly a blessing ❤ I love you so much! ❤



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